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KNK Heavy Duty Canine Harness

KNK Heavy Duty Canine Harness

KnK Dog Supplies

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KNK has designed the most durable and strongest dog harness for extremely strong dogs! 

Whether your dog is a pet or a working dog, this harness ensures safe and comfortable walks, runs, or any other dog activity or dog sport.

We go beyond addressing durability issues! Tackling discomfort and complex adjustments.

    • ✅ Durability: Durable and resistant 2-inch straps that do NOT get Ripped, Stretched, Broken, or Torn. Our heavy-duty dog harness is designed to handle even the strongest pullers. It provides exceptional durability and is designed to ensure safety during walks, training, and hunting. This harness is built for tough tasks, making it the perfect choice for medium-sized and Large dogs
    • ✅ Comfort: Its design and fully padded chest area distribute your dog's weight evenly, providing maximum comfort and control. We recommend using KNK dog harnesses instead of a simple dog collar, as collars can potentially hurt your dog's neck.
    • ✅ Designed for Safety: Our harness is specifically engineered to prevent issues such as slipping out or buckle snapping open, featuring durable materials and secure buckle. Walk or run your furry buddy confidently, knowing that the harness design won’t allow you dog running out of your control
    • ✅ Sizing: One Adjustable Size for Medium, Large and XL Dogs – Stop guessing which size is suitable for your dog! Our adjustable slide strap easily fits on Medium to XL dogs, with a Neck Girth of 24" to 34" inches and a Chest Girth of 24" to 45" inches. The harness features new lightweight metal adjusters; once adjusted, straps remains the same size at all times!
    • ✅ Quality: One-Piece Straps: Unlike other harnesses that have straps tied to the chest area, which show wear or tear after a few walks, this harness features one-piece straps that extend to the padded chest area. This unique feature, combined with high-quality materials, ensures the harness is resistant, durable, strong, and sturdy. Designed to withstand the demands of tactical use or even police dogs, it offers exceptional durability!
    • ✅ Stainless: 2 welded D-rings that can hook up any dog leash and 2 welded O-rings to support tension from pulling dogs and prevent stress over the buckle, along with 2 Lightweight Metal Adjusters, providing added durability. Have a big and strong pulling dog? This dog body harness is designed to manage any strong puller. It has been tested with breeds such as Rottweilers, Pitbulls, American Bulldogs, African Boerboels, Boxers, Belgian Malinois, and Siberian Huskies, and has proven to withstand their pulling force without any damage during agitation training. It is perfectly suitable for military dogs or tactical use.
    • ✅ “No Pull Harness”: Our dog harness offers superior direction for medium to XL breeds, ensuring pleasant walks devoid of unnecessary tension. Unlike "NO PULL" harnesses, which may jeopardize your dog's shoulder health, our harness is meticulously designed with a focus on durability, control, and comfort. It fosters a secure walking experience for both you and your furry companion during training sessions and daily strolls.
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    Harness Features:

    Top-quality materials, combining durability & comfort.

    Medium, Large, XLarge and XXLarge

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