The Best Sled Canicross Bikejoring Harness in 2024

Great for Dog Mushing Pulling Sports

The Best Mushing Sled Canicross Bikejoring Harness is the favorite choice for dog sports experts

The size, durability, and unbeatable money value make this dog harness the best option for 2022.

It is perfect for beginners, well trained, medium and large dogs   


Mushing Canicross Bikejoring Harness

Technical Features

  • Lightweight and Sturdy Structure 
  • Wide Size: 2 Inch 
  • Length Size: up to 33 inches from neck to tail when fully extended 
  • Completely Padded with 10 mm High-Quality and Comfortable Padding  
  • NO PLASTIC, Adjustable Length with a Lightweight metal adjuster 
  • Durable Parachute Cord as Leash attachment point  
  • Perfect Size for Medium and Large Dogs 
  • Black color with Yellow stitch or Orange stitch  
  • Easy to clean


Mushing Canicross Bikejoring Harness

Advantages over other Canicross / Bikejoring Dog Harnesses

When you are buying a Dog Harness it is extremely important to know the advantages, so you can choose the best option for you

In our case, these are the main differences between us and others:

  • Great Price: There are many cheaper options out there in the market, (weak harnesses of 1 inch made of cheaper Chinese materials) but there are no options that can offer the durability, sturdiness and comfort of our KNK Dog Harness; the high durability makes this dog harness the best option that lasts through the years
  • Perfect size for medium and large dogs: For those worried about the strength of medium and large dogs this dog harness has the right dimensions to support them, 2 inch wide and up to 33 inches from neck to tail when fully extended, besides the size this sports dog harness was designed to distribute dog’s weight over the entire harness to support safety and comfort during the performance of any pulling dog sport
  • Ideal for Dog Sports: The harness was designed thinking on maximizing your dogs performance. For this reason, your dog can freely run without any kind of restrictions or pressure at any point. The back part was designed with a H shape that spreads the strength and as result you’ll feel more speed without restrictions for your friend, for these reasons this dog harness is perfect for training purposes as Canicross, Bikejoring, Sled or Mushing Training, Skiing, Skateboarding, Skating or any pulling dog sport that you can imagine.
  • Comfort and Safety: This dog harness is also padded with a 10 mm high quality and breathable material. The 2-inch-wide belt material makes this dog harness very sturdy and ideal for big and strong dogs, the wide size and padding makes this harness even more comfortable that the seat belt of your car. Lightweight is an additional benefit to be used during long periods of time.
  • Easy to clean up: Resistant materials make this Dog Harness easy to clean, if you are using a lint roller or if you prefer to use soap and water you won’t be worried about causing damage during the cleaning process.
Mushing Canicross Bikejoring Harness

Before buying this KNK Dog Harness you should know this

This is almost the perfect Dog Harness, but I would like to make sure this review is completely transparent.  This is not a toy nor a chew proof harness. Commonly dogs love to chew anything and if this dog harness is available without supervision, your dog can cause damage and rip the harness, but being honest, no dog harness is chew proof 


Out of bites, I would like to mention this harness is easy to put on and off, durable and versatile, this means that is perfect for any kind of dog sport. We consider this is very important before choosing your Sled Dog Harness

Final Conclusion: The Best Sled Canicross Bikejoring Dog Harness for Medium and Large Dogs

Perfect for many reasons:

Ideal size for medium and large dogs, durable materials make this dog harness sturdy, safe, and comfortable for your dog 


Finally, a great point in favor of this dog harness is the unbeatable price, designed with high-quality and durable materials


Dog Experts have a clear opinion:

They recommend the KnK Sled Canicross Bikejoring Dog Harness and our products as the best choice for 2022 for beginners or trained dogs 

If you are looking for a Dog Harness to train with your dog definitely the KnK Harness is the best choice for you!

Mushing Canicross Bikejoring Harness

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